Sat. May 18th, 2024
Small businessSmall business

The internet has somehow opened up a can of worms when it comes to finding the best small business ideas.

Look, on one side we have thousands of pages of information on almost any business idea you can think of. But on the other hand, if you listen to these marketers and authors … almost all ideas under the sun are foolproof and getting rich as a business owner is almost certain and failure impossible.

The thing is, there are too many people on the internet selling hope when what you often get is a bag of goods.

The hope that soon you can tell your boss to get lost.

I hope you can work in your pajamas and spend 90% of your time playing with your kids as the dollars come through the door.

Hope you can buy that fancy car in a month or two.

The funny thing is … it takes more than a $ 47 e-book and a little will to get to millions.

But the fact is, not all business ideas are good for you personally just because someone shows you the checks you wrote online.

This “hard sell” of hope is nothing new. In fact, I remember in my teens I was sucked into a local ad where you could easily earn thousands of dollars a week in your spare time.

Hey, that sounds great for a 17-year-old looking for some extra cash.

And sure enough, I go to a gathering where you sit down to watch a dog and pony show and the host shows you his actual paychecks! Thousands of dollars a week for doing little work.

Today … this same “marketing and sales” process is widespread on the Internet. Great money. Easy work.

“If you have a heartbeat, you can earn millions with this simple step-by-step system.”

It also poses a question to these so-called gurus …

“Why don’t you do it more if it’s so easy and lucrative?”

Because it is much easier to tell other people how to do it than to do it yourself.

Now, beyond the negativity, some business ideas are legitimate and could be ideal for you. There is excellent, useful and educational information. From seminars that number in the thousands to simple $ 29 e-books that give you just enough information to put you one step ahead of the competition.

But be careful and make sure you understand what you are getting and from whom. And beyond the information, make sure the business idea is right for you, your personality and your goals.