Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
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In my last article I shared about myself and how I got started in internet marketing. Today here I will explain what internet marketing is and the different models related to it, although all of these can be run only with your PC, laptop, iPhone and WiFi internet connection.

At first glance, for most people, it’s about selling things and making money online. But when I asked them more about what else they know, most of them look at me blankly and have no idea what to answer.

Because in my country Singapore, especially despite the fact that it has developed with a lot of property and housing infrastructure, many people, particularly baby boomers and older generations, are very new to technology and prefer to be in their area. of learning comfort through printed books, classrooms and networking events from the last 2 provided them with a more personal touch compared to learning on their own online despite the vast information they can find and learn from Google and Youtube.

What I can say is that while internet marketing gives you total flexibility, it also has different models underneath, just like traditional businesses that can be run in cafes, factories, offices, and stores. Under which I will highlight, explain and highlight the pros and cons.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most basic and I think everyone should start if they are new and eager to earn their first dollar online like I was 10 years ago.

By definition, you are promoting other people’s products to share the commissions.

They can be digital or information products such as in e-learning programs that comprise e-books, videos, and software on membership sites, as well as physical consumer goods that people like you and I purchase every day in stores and e-businesses.

They can also be services such as autoresponder or certified provider of email services and promotions, domain registration and web hosting packages.

As for where and how to promote and get paid, you can sign up to online marketplaces and networks like Amazon, ClickBank, Market Health, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and many others that you can find through diligent Google and YouTube research.

2. Creation of information products

This is where you can create your own information product or e-learning courses.

Just like e-books, videos, software, and other resources, you can compile them on membership sites before selling them as your own show and even training.

The beauty of this is not only that you have full ownership of switching and promoting, but that you can recruit other people to promote as affiliates.

For this, I recommend Optimize Press and WordPress as the best combined platforms, although you can also create HTML pages using a free Kompozer tool.

3. E-commerce and drop shipping

In addition to information, you can also promote physical goods.

Everything you can buy in stores and shops can also be marketed on the web.

Clothing, computers, electronics, furniture, appliances, toys, and video games, just to name the most popular options.

4. Local business consulting

If you’re good at 2 or the 3 I mentioned above, you can offer your services to small and medium-sized businesses that require professional-looking websites, social media channels, and advertising to get maximum exposure, leads, and sales.

If the respective bosses saw and recognized the value of what you are providing, they wouldn’t mind paying you more as long as you continue to help them generate more customers, sales, and revenue.

5. Mobile application design

In addition to websites, social media channels, and advertising, mobile apps also played a significant role in today’s economy.

Because nowadays most people prefer to browse websites through their iPhones and also instead of just googling websites, they can download and proceed directly to the applications to access any information they need and want. .

If you can excel at this too, you can also provide it as part of your marketing package to businesses, restaurants, and stores.

6. Publication of electronic books

Suppose you don’t like talking to people face to face, you can consider this in conjunction with affiliate marketing and information product creation instead of reaching out to local bosses.

All you need is Microsoft Word or Open Office and write what you know a lot about and can help others before publishing to PDF via e-book directories or on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

7. Freelance work

You can offer to be employed by internet marketers for things they don’t want to do and prefer to outsource.

Like writing articles, designing graphics, and producing videos.

But unless you are interested in software and application development, your fixed salary will be low from the start.

8. Sale of domains and websites

This is by far the most lucrative of the 8 models I highlighted.

As all you need is to sell keyword rich or awesome domains and profitable websites to savvy buyers on sites like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Whichever model you choose, you can run from anywhere anytime you want, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. That is the true beauty of internet marketing!