Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Self DefenseSelf Defense

I gathered some common items that you can find around your home, your vacation spot, or that you can carry in your purse or on your person that you can use as a weapon to defend yourself from an attacker. Before I start discussing these common items as weapons, I’ll teach you a basic stance and a block. For the pose, spread your legs about hip-width apart and bend your legs for better balance. Tuck your tailbone under you, rolling your lower hips and pelvic bone forward. That way he won’t be able to knock you down so easily. A block is when you stop someone’s punch or punch. Whenever you grip an item with one hand, with the other arm and fist, you will hold your arm and fist in a protective manner covering your head and face. When you strike, you will keep your hand and fist raised. Your arm is straight and not bent.

There are several reasons for maintaining a protective locking arm. The first is psychological. An attacker seeks to intimidate you quickly. You also look for an easy goal to get what you want quickly. When you’re in a defensive posture, you might immediately think twice because you don’t seem like an easy, helpless target. The second reason is that you are actually covering your face and head from their view. You’re blocking his view of where to hit you first. But you can see it under your arm. You have an advantage. The other more critical reason is that you could strike first with everything you have. A block will deflect much of the power of the blow. It is better to injure the arm than the head or face. A locking arm can also be used to push it back.

If you hit it hard enough at a vulnerable spot, it could fall forward and hit you head or body directly. It’s best that he makes contact with your blocking arm rather than your head, and he won’t be able to catch you as he falls. The other reason, if he has a gun, he will attack your head first, because he thinks it is the fastest way to intimidate you and gain control. If he hits you on the head with something hard, you will be stunned. Use your arm to block early on and you’ll have a better chance of defending yourself. Lastly, a blocking arm can immediately turn into a hit.

Here are some common items that can be used as a weapon: A purse or purse that could include a backpack, or Messenger bag, cell phone, hair brush, aerosol spray bottle, pencil, little parasol, heel of your shoe, Newspaper or magazine to be rolled up.

We are going to review all of these elements to teach you how to use these common elements to your advantage against an attacker. I would also like you to point out that an important weapon is missing, and that it is deliberately missing, and it is KNIVES. The reason for this is very simple. It’s about a obvious Dangerous weapon that your attacker will definitely use against you if he gets the chance. So, I want to show you how to use common items that your attacker will not suspect as weapons and that can hurt him. A knife or any weapon is absolutely the defense of last resort!

You don’t want to give your attacker any ideas, or deadly weapons, that could turn against you. Bringing a knife to any confrontation increases a confrontation to a possible lethal fight. Frankly, you don’t want to survive a horrific sexual assault attempt, or a violent assault, and then have a heartbreaking legal battle to defend your choice to use a knife. If you kill a man with a knife, the court may not see it as self-defense. If you knocked out a man with a bowl from your cabinet, they definitely see it as self defense.

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but this is how the legal system can view the use of a deadly weapon like a knife or a pistol. It is the last resort.

So let’s get started now. A heavy bag or purse will be a very effective weapon. The area that you will hit with a purse is the groin or the nose. Push or hit the bag right between her legs. If you can do it multiple times, do it as hard as you can. If you have long straps, you should grab the bag very close to the bag, because your straps can break and then you will lose your bag or purse and all the content it contains. If it’s a heavy bag, it can be a bit difficult to handle. You will maneuver the bag between you and him, in a defense block. This is what I would do to get started.

If you have the bag across you, if you have it slung over one shoulder, it would maneuver in front of you, don’t waste time grabbing it from your shoulder. If he’s trying to hit you you can grab the bag and smack him hard on the nose, this is a great block. Also, if he comes at you with a more lethal weapon, which could pierce your skin or stab you, you can put your bag between him and your body to protect yourself from the weapon. It is better for a knife or sharp weapon to hit your purse rather than pierce a vital organ or cause serious damage. You can do this with a few different types of bags, purses, or backpacks.

A cell phone. Obviously, one of the best aids a phone gives you is your ability to call for help. However, you should keep in mind that you can use it as an effective weapon. It is tough, durable, and compact. You have it at home, and usually on your person or in your bag. You are going to take it in your hand as if you were holding a bottle of water and you are going to hit hard in the attacker’s groin, right between his legs.

Turn hard toward your groin. If you can hit it multiple times, aim for the groin, over and over again. Hey, guess you can always get a new phone! If attacking from behind, lower phone and place on groin. Even though he can attack you from behind, you will still have your arm raised in a defensive block. At one point he may be attacking from behind and a moment later, he is attacking from the front, so keep your blocking arm, he’s still up and ready. If you need a follow-up hit, your blocking arm is ready to hit.

Also, if it’s in front of you, and it’s too tight and you don’t have room to swing it, hold the phone with both hands by the ends if you can and place it directly on his nose. Hit it a few times if you can handle it. Hit him hard on the eardrum. If you hold the phone in one hand, the other arm lifts up like a locking arm. The last resort is to land a direct shot to the side of your head in the (temple area). That will hurt. If you still have your phone after all that and it still works, put it away while you run and call for help.

My next article is a hairbrush. Brushes come in many sizes and shapes, some with handles and some without. If you can grasp a brush without too much difficulty the brush would make a great weapon, one with a handle can be easy to grasp. It can hit you in the groin, nose, knee, side of the head (temple area), or eardrum. For discussion, suppose we are hitting or hitting some of the vulnerable points of the body, the groin, the nose, the ears, the eyes, the side of the head and the kneecaps.

When you hit the groin with a hairbrush, it’s a direct shot in your groin, or back and down or up into your scrotum. You can use the back or the side of the bristles to swing, as if you were swinging a paddle. You can crush it on the nose or cut it down on the nose. You can take a direct shot to the temple or to his ear. Another vulnerable point is your kneecap. You would swing him firmly as if you were swinging a ping pong paddle, on his knee with the back of the brush. It may break, but okay, move on to the next one. How hard can you hit with a brush? See for yourself. Take your brush and hit the back against a hard surface like a chair, imagine if it were the attacker’s kneecap.

Now that I’ve mentioned the hairbrush, I also wanted to mention the hair comb or ornate sticks which can hold the hair. You will use it with a stabbing motion. That goes to the eye or groin.

Aerosol bottle or can. Very simple. Spray it in their eyes. You would also use the spray can as the hairbrush and rock it up or down on your groin. Be very careful with an aerosol can, because under pressure it could explode.

A pen or pencil. Use a pen or pencil in a sharp motion. You can target the eyes, groin, or the side of the neck this way. Keep the locking arm up and you’re done.

Small umbrella. This is a small, compact and lightweight “club”. The groin is the best target for this. Rocking up or down in the groin; use the end and make a straight line across his groin

You can also open the umbrella in his face and, with momentary blocked vision, kick or knee him in the groin. When the umbrella is finally removed from his face, you can punch him in the nose. I’m pretty sure it won’t be expected. Another effective way to use an umbrella is to block a punch or intentional blow. You can use the closed umbrella to hit his wrist if he attacks you with a weapon. Keep your locking arm ready and raised.

Heel of your shoe. Step on the top of your foot. Kick your heel back into his groin if he’s trying to grab you from behind. Kick the front in your groin or kneecap. If you are on the ground and can hit his face, kick him in the face. If your heel breaks in the fight, or you have a broken heel, from a previous party, stab down with it like you did with the ballpoint pen. The groin, or the eye if you can reach it. If you removed your shoe, but the shoe and heel are still at the entrance, take the shoe in your hand and cut down with the high heel exposed.

With a good solid heel, whether high-heeled or not, or a good solid shoe for walking; a good kick to the shin, kneecap or groin is a very painful and effective blow. If you have teenagers or young children, teach them about shoes. The school uniform usually comes equipped with a sturdy matching dress shoe.

Newspaper or magazine. Both the newspaper and the magazine look very ordinary. It is not like this? Here we have O magazine and The New York Times newspaper. If used correctly, they can also be a surprisingly effective weapon. When rolling up the newspaper or magazine, you now have a light and sturdy stick. You can use this like a club like you did with the umbrella. Vulnerable points are the groin and nose. A strong slap or blow to the nose and a thrusting motion with the rolled magazine or newspaper in the groin. You can use this to block a blow, or force it down on his wrist as you move out of the way. Hold the rolled up newspaper or magazines with one or both hands and push it into your groin. Hit it hard on your wrist like a block.

These common items are probably in your purse or have been carried by your favorite magazine. Knowing that you can craft weapons from common elements gives you an advantage. If they attack you, you have resources. Common items, like the ones I have described above, will not be viewed as a weapon by their attacker. Now you will have the element of surprise. I hope none of the readers are attacked. But be prepared, and things will be better if it happens. Good luck.