Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Food and beverage spills are among the most difficult cleaning problems for carpet owners to deal with. It is a common occurrence, but some still do not know the correct way to approach cleaning this type of mess. Not knowing the basics of cleaning up food and drink spills can put carpet owners at a disadvantage and their carpets at serious risk for long-term damage.

Whether you’re having a party at home or just eating in the living room, spills can happen without warning. That is why it is essential to learn how to clean them properly. Here are some basic carpet cleaning tips for food and drink spills that you can use the next time you find yourself in this type of situation.

  • Pick Up or Pick Up Spilled Item Immediately – Whether liquid or solid, it is important that you pick up or scoop up excess spill as much as possible to avoid making the problem worse. If you are dealing with liquid food or drink spills, get a clean sponge and soak up as much of the liquid as you can. In case of solid food spills, carefully pick up loose particles with your hands.
  • Dry Spilled Area – After removing excess spilled food or drink from the carpet, the next basic step to do is to blot the area with a clean white cloth or paper towels. This will help remove excess moisture and reduce the chances of it staining the carpet. Pouring some warm water on the stain before blotting will give you better results in removing the spill or stain.
  • Detergent cleaning solutions work great on food and drink stains: When dealing with food and drink spills or stains, use a cleaning solution made from a solution of one teaspoon of laundry detergent (no bleach) and a cup of warm water. This will ensure that food and beverage stains and spills are removed. Apply this to the stain and blot with a clean white cloth and you will get your carpet clean in a matter of a few tries.

These three tips can be of great help to those unfamiliar with cleaning up food and drink spills on their carpets. Remember this helpful tip to properly clean up any food or drink spills on your beautiful carpet.